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Doublelist: review and full test on the provocative social network. As its name suggests, Doublelist does not hide and offers you a real social platform for naughty and taboo-free meetings. What is it worth today? We tested it for 3 months and here is our verdict. Doublelist is the site of all possibilities in terms of naughty discussions and sexual encounters. Its catchy name clearly surfs on a word game with the famous and gigantic social network Facebook.

Over the years, he has succeeded in perfecting himself and becoming an important player in sexy dating, in particular in North America and Latin America. Whether you want occasional meetings or find partners for a night, this site is able to offer it. There are of course much better sites if you are looking for dating.

Access to the social network is completely free. As soon as you register, the site immediately presents you with numerous profiles that meet your selection criteria. Thereafter, paid features can be unlocked. The site guarantees you pleasure in all circumstances. Therefore we decided to test it for 3 months. What are its strengths, weaknesses, prices? In short, there will be no more secrets for you after reading our review on Doublelist.

How does the Doublelist site work?

An international site open to all adults. Doublelist is a website dedicated to adults wishing to make all types of meetings to live sexual adventures without headache, and why not meet the ideal partner. The site is accessible to adults, whatever their sexual orientation (hetero, bisexual, gay, transgender, lesbian). Couples and singles are also received there unconditionally and with great pleasure.

Doublelist has existed since 2009 and currently has more than 19 million profiles or members on its platform, impressive figures even though some saw it as a dismal failure a few years ago. In short, they were completely wrong, to say the least.

Certainly less widespread in France, the site is accessible worldwide and can be displayed in many languages ‚Äč‚Äčapart from French, namely German, Spanish, English, Dutch, Russian, Italian. , Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish and Chinese. In fact, he won YNOT Best Newcomer of the Year and XBiz Dating Site of the Year awards in 2014.

A social network of fun meetings just a click away

The Doublelist dating site is easy and simple to use. Any registration is free and requires nothing except the obligation to provide an email account which must be valid, to choose a pseudonym and a password.

You must also specify your gender (man, woman …) at the time of registration, define your age and the type of person you are looking for. You will then be directed to a page where you will be asked to put a profile photo that you can take immediately or postpone later.

If necessary, you can also provide some descriptions of your person so that other profiles can better identify you. Defining a profile photo and updating your profile allows you to have more contacts and replies.

Following this step, you will need to determine the type of dating sought (having sexual adventures, serious or discreet encounters, finding friends, etc.).

You will also be asked for sexual preferences as well as the race and physique sought. To answer the questions, you just have to check the different boxes and each new registrant has the possibility of checking several answers.

That’s all it takes to register on the dating site. Nothing really original, but it has the merit of being simple.

This recording is done in less than five minutes. From this moment, one is definitively counted among the members of the site and one has his personal account. We can then start by visiting the thousands of profiles to find a partner.

Create your own blog and become famous on Doublelist

On, you can do anything, including keeping a blog, making pinboards, contacting members through Live Cams, finding out who viewed their profile, and commenting on photos and videos posted by other members.

Almost no limit is assigned except one, and it is the most important: Never annoy other members or be dishonest.

Only some of the functionality of this web page in addition to registration is free to access and requires no cost.

For most of the other services (sending and replying to messages for example), you are obviously obliged to pay for them and become a premium member to benefit without limits from all the good graces that the site offers. Let’s say this is the price to pay for erotic fun.

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