Doublelist the Most Popular Craigslist Personals Alternative

Doublelist is a adult personals dating site created in 2017. The concept seems to me quite close to that of the site of Wyylde and Craiglist Personals. Let’s say that Doublelist is the most visitied¬†adult personals dating site but a bit softer than Wyylde, less unbridled.

My opinion on Doublelist: Craigslist Personals Alternative

The objective here is more to emphasize the sensuality of the exchanges by proposing to make sensual and discrete meetings. Do not expect to make serious meetings on this site, on the other hand if you are adept meetings without a future in any discretion, then go for it.

Why register on Doublelist?

Registration on Doublelist is free. The advantage of this site is that you will not find that vulgar side that can be present on some naughty dating sites and libertines.
The exchanges on Doublelist remain courteous and ethical. No harm to morality, therefore.

Doublelist is over 36 million members all over the world, around the world. All is said. A reference in the field of dating, a heavy weight the thing, a mastodon same.

As its name indicates, Doublelist means meetings without tomorrow without commitment. What is significant about Doublelist is that registration is very fast: in just minutes, you are registered.

Another positive point: it is the user centric side, in other words you are guided throughout your registration to define your expectations so that Doublelist can better determine and identify your needs.

You will have a lot of questions asked such as the type of experience sought. As you can see, Doublelist also positions itself as a dating site by offering what is called a “matchmaking” in the jargon of dating.

What I like and I do not like about Doublelist

The negative point of Doublelist concerns the number of false profiles, which is still a significant figure.
After, unlike Wyylde, Doublelist allows you to test the meeting naughty and libertine in soft version. This is a first step in the world of libertinage.

The 2 things I really like about Doublelist are:

the guarantee offered by the site to put you in contact with 10 contacts of single people
The “blurry photo” option that gives a mysterious side to your profile, a sort of teasing to use for example by male profiles to attract the attention and curiosity of single women

In my opinion, Doublelist is a naughty and libertine dating site to test, so go there.

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